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September 3rd 2018 | Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

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Collaboration community reading by 
@angelomalforms & @firmearte

September 3rd 2018 
Tarot = 9 Of pentacles (reversed) + Oracle = Dreaming Landscape

Tarot = 9 of pentacles || reversed || By 

Danger from thieves, cancelled project. Possible loss of home or friendship. move with caution. Usually at the end of a task we become not as driven as we were throughout it. This is what our opposition seeks, the last chance to ruin. Become vigilant again, find the energy and be aware of your associations evaluate on who is to be trusted. primarily 9 is the number of initiation bringing things to a end preparing a new manifestation. In the 9th key The Hermit denotes the strength of maturity and the discretion of wisdom. He holds his lamp high for those seeking truth. Don't rest for too long, the seeker never sleeps.

Oracle = Dreaming Landscape ||  by @firmearte || EARTH | GROUNDING | NATURE | ELEMENTAL CONNECTION
The above card speaks of being cautious when considering our current collaborations whether that be creatively, in business, spiritually or with another being. This card is a exercise in accessing the knowledge you seek by interacting with the elemental forces that surround us in nature. Take time if you are able  to work with some form of a nature spirit today. Touch a tree, smoke some weed, walk barefoot in the grass, put your hands in soil, visit a body of water, speak to a glass of water, have a bonfire or sit outside and listen to the wind spirit speak. As you do any number of these interactions with the elements make sure to keep your message from the 9 of cups reversed above in your mind as these ancient elemental forces will always provide answers. Trust in the thoughts + dreams that surface during and after your exercise. Also I love you.

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