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The Chakras In Aries | By @AngeloMalforms

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This is a blog post sent to us by one of our content creators and my personal partner in love and magic @AngeloMalforms. He has sent us this blog ritual working from behind the bars of a maximum-security prison. Where he has been living for the last 14 years as an innocent human being, since he was 16 years old. Angelo is an Artist, musician, healer and student of the Occult. To learn more about Angelo story and ways that you can donate to help him continue his craft and to be able to survive inside during this COVID-19 epidemic please use the links provided at the end of this post. Thank you!

We are in the middle of Aries (March 21-April 19) keep in mind this astrological duration and it's affects on us. It is a masculine sign, it's element is fire and ruling planet is Mars.The glyph is the horns of a ram and two crescent moons joined by a pathway. The dominant keyword is "I AM".Polarity is Libra because Libras are a "we" sign while Aries is a "me" sign.The part of the body ruled by Aries is the head, I'll go into the chakras next. Lucky days are Tuesday (which is Tyr norse god of war). Lucky numbers are 1 and 9, birthstone is the diamond which brings love. Color is red, flowers are Geranium, Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea. Trees are all thorn bearing trees. Metal is Iron and animals are sheep and Rams.

The origins of this sign go back to king Athamus of Greece who ruled the province of Boetia, there was great famine and a desire to know who was in charge? Who to blame, at this time a messenger was sent toThe Oracle at Delphi to find out more. The king was told it wouldn't end until he sacrificed his children Phrixus and Helle to Jupiter.
A golden ram had been given to the mother of them from Hermes (Mercury)

The ram warned the children and flew them across the sea.Crossing Europe and Asia Helle grew dizzy and fell off and drowned. That place is now named Helespoint .Phrixus made it safely to the land of Colchis.

Sadly Phrixus sacrificed the golden Ram to Jupiter who placed him among the stars to honor his heroism.

In the sign of Aries three chakras are affected ( Two chakras and the 5th eye) more in this fire sign. The Sahasrara which is the crown at the top of our head. It's element is spirit and speech is the power allowed, the pineal gland is the one connected with it. Our positive personalities are a sense of oneness with all cosmic understanding. The negative is the put downs and feeling alienated. If we focus on our Kundalini meditations we can leave the physical body while conscious, understand life and perfect astral function.


Next is the 5th eye which is between the 6th and 7th chakra.It is the center of the forehead it's element is the mind. The pituitary gland is connected to the 5th eye.When Kundalini is focused on we grow a larger view of life and can read the akashic record.

Next is Ajna which is the 3rd eye and sixth chakra which is between the eyebrows the element is also the mind allowing cognition and the pituitary gland is connected with it. When we practice Kundalini we begin to see geometrical shape, colors, visions, and can hear the voice of our higher self. Aries is a very critical time to practice our Kundalini mediations Now I know with me as a person in front of you, I will be facing the wrong direction ( north, east etc.) so envision me as a small fire in front of you.


Lets focus on your body from your toes to your crown where do you feel empty? Where do you feel pain or always had pain? Lets focus there,

Say it is in the abdomen, the liver area which would be level one of our fourth chakra called Anahata. It may block you from knowing your spiritual direction and at times has you feeling like a coward for never following through on your spiritual path or things in general. Once we find the locus of pain or emptiness put your hands in front of you like you’re holding something precious and pour positive illuminating energy forming a small orb of healing. If you feel you have no positive energy then receive it from me the small fire in front of you. Once your palms are with comforting warmth bring it to the area of pain and let it flow in. Allow the correlating chakra to spin. Anahata is a 12 petaled lotus chakra.

Let the color of this healing orb be the same as Anahata green and yellow, let it become the color of your aura. throughout the day surround your body with this healing current and your fourth chakra being the source of where the current comes from. If you received it from the fire remember you and I are not separate from anything of the universe only slightly distant like every atom we consist of. You always had the energy to heal yourself and I even as a small fire am always with you.

- @AngeloMalforms

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