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September 17+ 18th 2018 | Community Tarot Reading

Collaboration community reading by 
@angelomalforms & @firmearte
September 17 + 18th 2018 
 One card pull from the tarot = The Hierophant

 Preference for the outer forms of religion, the ritual, the creed, the ceremony. The importance of social approval, the need to conform to conform to society. In this pull we can see the many significances that theres always more to the veils. The crossed keys the gold key of solar currents and the silver key of lunar currents. The pillars of duality stand behind the Hierophant, the threefold crown representing the material world, the middle representing formative world, and the top tier representing the creative world. Now its that creative world we should seek, when alone and we see the social norms prevailing against the old ways. Don't let it pull you in, that veil isn't what your higher self seeks. The Hierophant represents traditional, orthodox teaching considered suitable to the masses. Realize that you are the clairvoyant and the initiate, you're a step ahead of the masses keep going on this thorned path and never look back.

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