April 11th, 2019 | Community Oracle Reading | by @firmearte

Community Reading ORACLE Universal Love Oracle

4/11 Community Oracle Reading | by @firmearte
This card is a bold message to stop allowing your Mind to create scenarios for a certain future endeavor or situation as it may totally be hindering the ultimate outcome. Sometimes the power of the mind can project false narrative‘s and as the messages we’ve received this week have stated we are doing real work in the realm of success, ambition, prosperity and career. This card is a reminder to allow things to flow without expectation. Trust that things are always conspiring in your favor and that you can rest easily knowing that the wheels of fortune and fate turning in your favor. Things are coming to a powerful turning point in the coming months (April 10th -  August 11th ) as a big planetary retrograde comes into play with Jupiter and it’s influences ( Cord cutting, karma, prosperity career and success, deeper spiritual connection, a shift in internal consciousness)
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