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August 14th 2018 | Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

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Collaboration community reading by 
@angelomalforms & @firmearte
2 Card Pull | Tarot = Judgement | Reversed + Oracle = Healing

Tarot = THE 20TH KEY // JUDGEMENT // Reversed
By @angelomalforms 

A life well lived, a work well done. Awakening, renewal. Legal judgements in one's favor. A change of personal consciousness, which is now on the verge of blending with the universal. The aesthetic drama of this pull beholds Gabriel emerging blowing his trumpet. Some spirits will see this as a sound of war and the day is Tuesday from Norse god Tyr a god of war. Not always an obvious physical war though one within ones self. This 20th key is of Judgement, what have you become? This is a reawakening of nature under the influences of spirit. Something my guardian told me this past Sunday " There's distance though not separation" think of this...see how we have distance between subconsciousness and consciousness as the earth to moon.

 Oracle = HEALING // by @firmearte // AFTER CARE // RECOGNITION

Healing has shown up in conjunction with the judgment card to remind you that no doubt when things are feeling like they are at their absolute worst that there are blessings on the horizon. Our healing process will for sure enter some pretty dark stages before we become illuminated by the light of the bountiful blessings that are being sent your way. Past readings over the last week have spoken about these intense shifts in consciousness and personal realization. Take a moment to recognize how far you’ve come and the blessing that already are present in your life NO MATER HOW SMALL. And babe please don’t use this time to be hard on yourself I really want you to find some things that you acknowledge about your personal growth. Congratulate & celebrate yourself on those things. We are often at war with ourselves and holding those types of negative vibrations no doubt stifle and stunt our growth towards existing unapologetically in our truth. Don’t Be so fucking hard on yourself. You have come very far. You are a beautiful physical representation of spiritual evolution. I love you.

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