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September 19 + 20th 2018 || Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

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September 19 + 20th 2018 || community reading by  @angelomalforms & @firmearte
 Tarot = 3 Of cups || Oracle = Lotus Rose

3 OF CUPS || by @angelomalforms || Cups raised high in congratulation on the conclusion of a matter of prosperity. Success and abundance is on the way! Keep going don't become overly confident in this matter.Success comes from diligent hard work until the very end, always keep steady. beware of distractions even the friendliest one can create conflict resulting in failure. Focus and prevail, the numerology of this pull is of the trinity of father, mother and child. remember when terms like father or mother are used it's not literal, they are analogies or used in a metaphorical way. Its within us to make the connection, we have the answers we only need now is the understanding.The magnetic force of Divine Love permeating humanity symbolizes the balance of all manifested things. The 3rd key The Empress parallels this in numerology. We can see the holidays ahead and whether we are alone or with family remember within the circle of the occult we are together in all manifested things.

Oracle || LOTUS ROSE || by @Firmearte || Blessings + Vibrational Increase + Friendship + Experience || Lotus rose is here to back up the message above by being a Direct sign from spirit that our wants, goals and desires have been heard. Your recent faith in the multi-verse and the guides and guardians that surround you has been recognized and in the coming weeks keep your vessel open to the blessings heading your way. Give thanks to the forces that be and the connection to the occult veil you have at this time by speaking words of gratitude into existence or by giving offerings to the energies that surround us/you.The last few months have been so fucking energetically chaotic and you’ve come out of it complete and will prevail over these next coming weeks as you welcome in the divine spirit of abundance that’s is no doubt heading your way babe. Don’t stifle it by being negative or by pushing away what is given. See the blessings in the bounty you receive.

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