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September 22nd + 23rd 2018 || Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

9 of cups Rider Waite Tarot The Fool Toni Carmine Salerno universal wisdom oracle

September 22nd + 23rd  2018 
Community reading by  @FirmeArte @angelomalforms
Oracle = Lady Of The Rose + Tarot = 9 Of Cups + The Fool

Oracle = Lady Of The Rose || Inner wisdom || by  @FirmeArte Lady Of The Rose is here to remind you that you are truly a child and student of the occult and often times we can rely on the old school rhetoric that we may have become too comfortable in when determining what we believe the truth to be. Use this time to understand that the accessing ancient information can simply be done by simple meditations. As you and your vessel hold the keys to the knowledge you seek. Take deep breaths. Express gratitude and be brave enough to welcome the evolution.

🔸Tarot || 
9 OF CUPS || REVERSED || by  @angelomalforms || Misplaced reliance, and false freedom. It's easy to some times become self praising once one becomes accomplished. To lose interest in a conversation that isn't about you is the path to ignorance and deprivation. This pull is a warning to let us know that ways are becoming shady and our indulgences are affecting our energies. Our once in awhile generous display does not substitute our often foolish decisions and behaviors. Take this time to self reflect and truly ask yourself "Is this really all I want to be?" 9 is primarily the number of initiation, bring the errors to an end and prepare for your new manifestation.

🃏Tarot || 
THE FOOL || In spiritual matters the fool means idea, thought, spirituality, though in earthly matters it means folly or eccentricity. There's nothing wrong with being eccentric unless you're too eccentric, or too nice, too mean etc. before taking off in your new idea find balance in yourself to give balance in your thoughts and to give balance to your conception. 0 is the unmanifested deity or unseen god coming after the 9 of cups reversed, you have extreme potential to change your life for the absolute best.

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