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Feb 3rd 2019 | Community Oracle Reading

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 2/3/2019 Community Oracle Reading by @firmearte

The goddess Kuan Yin is associated With this card as she comes forward with her compassion and mercy to remind you to stop beating yourself up about the things that were inherited to you. Things that seem to be holding you back when it Comes to living your full bad ass potential. We often times are highly affected by the powerful narrative that we aren’t shit on our own and that we need to acquire and purchase all of these mundane toxic things in order to be whole or deemed “Normal”. Society would have us believe that us alone simply isn’t enough, well fuck that this card is here to remind you otherwise. You are absolutely beautiful and vital to this multiverse. You are worthy and capable of WAY more than this vast program has made you feel. You are a spirit having a human experience and you are beautiful in all of this journey, even the parts that feel unforgivable or too ugly to face. Take some time to remind your fuck ups you love them, remind yourself that they are the anchors for your evolution. I know how hard it can be to love yourself sometimes but just know that what you see and what this world see is vastly different. You are fucking incredible. Don’t be so hard on yourself babe. I love you.
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