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Feb 4th 2019 | Community Oracle Reading

2/4 + 2/5 Community Oracle Reading | New Moon In Aquarius |


The sorrow card comes to us today as a reminder that the pain and darkness over the last month or so is coming to an end, as we enter this new moon and Aquarius we find ourselves shedding vibrational patterns as we move into a glorious new start of the month. The sorrow card is a reminder to cherish your pains and fuck ups, as we spoke about yesterday honoring the ugly parts of yourself is incredibly essential to the progression of this journey towards happiness, health and truth. To Those who’s sorrow stems from a sense of feeling lonely I want to remind you that we as human beings are all connected to the collective unconscious which is essentially a giant hive mind that we all participate in. More sensitive people pick up on the synchronicity’s that correspond with being a part of such a intricate system. You are never alone. There are people who love, honor and cherish you. I fucking promise. Your angels, guardians, guides and ancestors are always with you and watching over you. The craft doesn’t have to be some elaborate spell or expensive hobby it can be as simple as calling upon those forces in a respectable way and articulating the things you wish to manifest. Offering these spirits water and candle light on this new moon is encouraged Also simply speaking to them without asking for anything it’s very good practice. Building a relationship with the spiritual forces that exist around you is very rewarding. I love you.


in addition to the sorrow card we have also pulled a Crystal companion card from the visions a crystal oracle deck By: Jessika Fancy!

A perfect Crystal companion indeed for the sorrow card. Pink Tourmaline is a powerful stone of softness, love and the reduction of anxiety is due to fears. It is paired with the sorrow card to offer its healing properties and to be a support system for the deep emotional work that is being performed by all on this beautiful new moon in Aquarius. If you are not able to physically work with a pink tourmaline stone then you can simply respectfully call upon its energy by using its name and asking it to provide you with its properties for your working.

Create a small safe space for offerings for tonight’s new moon. Water, incense, table salt and candles are perfect simple affordable offering so I can be placed in honor of the angels ancestors guides and guardian that watch over you. Remember to hold space for the new Moon and the astrological force of Aquarius.

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