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FEB 2nd 2019 | Community Oracle Reading

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 Community Oracle Reading | 2/2/19 | by @firmearte


 I think that it is pretty rad that we pull the healing sounds card or the day after I made that post about finding signs and symbols within music! Synchronicity is everywhere lately for those of us on the path. This card is no exception, bring forth a reminder that sound has the power to shift our structure. Today if you are able take minimum of 10 minutes to find a few songs that hype or inspire you and dance, headbang, get down or air guitar to them for as long as you feel inspired to. While dancing try and project emotions of desired change and healing. Tell your body thank you for all it does and for the time you’ve spent with it as you are not the body, you are a divine Spirit Of consciousness harnessed within a meat suit. Use the songs you pick to help you visualize your ultimate goals for the future. Pick songs that empower you and if you have a crystal companion that resonates with you today or with you healing goal then I suggest grabbing it and adding it to your small self care dance ritual. This is just an exercise to get us to move our bodies and to feel more of a connection with the element of sound that vibrational changes the water we have within us and also to remind us of our physical self as a separate entity. I love you.

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