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November 19th + 20th 2018 | Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

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November 19th + 20th  2018 || Community reading by 
@FirmeArte & @angelomalforms
Oracle = Healing + Tarot =2 Of Swords

Oracle = BIRTH 
The birth card finds us to offer it’s inspiration, possibly pushing you towards a new outlook, relationship or situation. Now I understand that it is currently Mercury retrograde and at that time we are often told to never start new projects or initiate big moves during that time which is all truth. This isn not referring to a NEW project. The birth card is a symbol of the awakening of an idea maybe put on the back burner sometime, one that sparked well before mercury went retrograde, it’s a sign that maybe that one project or idea you’ve been keeping on the low low can finally start to be slowly birthed into creation. Use this time to tune into yourself & see what project, relationship or Scenario that is for you. Once you find it make small calculated steps towards making it happen. The wisdom from the card below asks us to take emotional responsibility. Keep in mind when we hold on to too many ideas with no real physical action the body and spirit can become restless & irritated.


Tarot = 2 OF SWORDS |  Tension in any relationship can blind us away from the point to were we are only trying to ‘win’ an argument. Often times we'll continue to antagonize forgetting why we're fighting to begin with. We have many defense mechanisms that are childish because they developed in childhood. When we lose the point of why we argue developing tension we become indecisive. We feel stuck in relationships developing resentments because we react as children in adult situations which makes us blind unable to see our faults. 2 is the number of duality the mother-principle apart from the father-principle of number 1 broken into the positive (exoteric) and negative (esoteric) elements. The number represent a pair of opposites, find balance and coexist.

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