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Dear babes : Ancestral Connection 5/16/2018

Dear Babes

Dear babes,
Today I am feeling grateful for my ancestors. I’m grateful for the spiritual team that is behind me through all of the recent setbacks I have been going through. I feel the presence more than ever now. On Mother’s Day I went to the cemetery to visit some of my family and spend some time in between my grandparents. It’s always a very interesting experience to go back to the places where you experienced real trauma. When I lost my grandmother it affected me very heavily for a few years and caused me to spiral and twosome of my deepest shadow self ( ultimately brought me to a deep conscious awakening) That time was a very transformational time for myself and I’m very proud to have lived through it because they were many days when I felt as if I would not. I just want to say how grateful I am to everyone in the community and how dedicated everyone is to trying to change this world by changing themselves for the better. Today take some time to just simply think of a memory of one of your ancestors or a time in your life that was filled with family in any form. Our ancestors do not have to be blood related as there are many of us who have created chosen families due to the close minded ways of society (rooted in colonial religious structures that do not have our best interests at heart) Many of us in the queer & trans communities have had to create these ancestral alliances with others throughout our lifetime. So regardless of bloodline take a moment to just sit and think fondly on memories involving others. If it takes you to a place of sadness sit there for a moment with the sadness but know that you are alive and you have made it through some dark shit babe. I believe in the rest of your journey and I want you all to know that I am totally here for you through your darkest. I’m trying my best to get everything back on track since taking such a long time off of work. I appreciate all of the hard-core babes who have been supporting me through this creative drought. I love you more than words can express thank you for being my family. I will be creating a patreon Very soon for the babes who been asking on other ways to be able to support the bodega and the work we are doing. I’m very grateful for any of you who have ever spent any time communicating with us or purchasing the mano made magic that we create. Every order is a victory for myself and my family as we put our heart and soul into this brand. Love you. thank you.

Con Safos,

Natalí / DigitalWitch :) 

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