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Community Reading: Mamas Day Edition 5/13/2018

Community Reading mama mothers day ORACLE Oracle Cards Oracle Deck universal wisdom oracle wisdom

For today’s community reading I called upon the energies of creation, Called upon our ancestral mothers in all forms to come forward and bless us with a message.

Deck: universal wisdom oracle by Tony carmine Salerno (Click here to purchase)

Card: wisdom

Wisdom card comes through today to bring our attention to a well taken path of action you have encountered lately. This card is a direct message letting you know your recent course of action is one that is acknowledged by the gods. This card asks us to operate from a place of love instead of a place of anxiety and fear. Allow the nurturing wise energies of mother to fill your spiritual cup on this beautiful Sunday. Allow yourself to be open to the synchronicity‘s and messages from the universe and our ancestors today.

“May I be allowed to radiate comfort and charisma as I continue to be a student of the earth. The eternal energies of mama earth and its wisdom inhabit me so that I will continue to create the right choices for myself, choices that are rooted in my truth”

 We are holding space and sending our love to everyone who is in their feelings today. Remember babes Mother’s Day is a difficult time for humans who have had abusive relationships with their parental figures, babes who aren’t able to have children and our queer & Trans community. Sending strength to everyone Who has had to raise themselves in this life. I’m so proud of all of you for the ways in which you choose to love and try to create a better world for all of us to live in. Your pain and your trauma is valid and does not make you any less. You deserve love, you deserve beauty, you deserve feelings of comfort and you definitely deserve to live your truths to the fullest without apology. I LOVE YOU.

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