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Community reading -PICK A CARD | Weekend edition | May 18th-20th

Community Reading ORACLE Oracle Cards Oracle Deck Toni Carmine Salerno universal wisdom oracle

Hey beautiful babe! This is a community reading for the week of May 18th-20th.  Pick a card! Left or Right?

Deck: universal wisdom oracle by Tony carmine Salerno (Click here to purchase)

For babes  to pick the left card –  LOVE
Use this weekend to emerge yourself in projects and workings rooted in the properties of love. Remember that you are part of this ever-changing spectrum of human experience. That you are connected to the roots in the trees in the Stardust in the sky. You simply are. Say to yourself out loud or in your mind “I am“ because you are. Find the love that vibrates through all living things in all aspects of our experience on this planet. I know often times it can be very hard to operate from a place of love and that some may find this uncomfortable. Try to counteract any Frustrations or negativity this weekend with replacing it with its counterpart. Now I am not saying that we should always try to replace the negative with a positive because in order for us to evolve and learn we have to be a part of the balance that is the dark and the light. We would never be able to appreciate the light and love that exist in our lives without the pain and suffering we have had to endure. So for this weekend let’s all try to operate from a place of love. I love you.

For babes who picked the right card - RAINBOW WINGS

This weekend take some time to honor your inner child. This card is a direct message that you are currently heading down the right path on a specific venture or relationship.You know the one, it’s the one that just resonated the most within you now. But in order to fully come into our power on this new venture or relationship we have to take time to honor the child that we’ve had to lock away inside of us. When we honor this inner-child energy we are allowing vibrations of youth and love to radiate through us. This weekend occupy your time with an activity that brings laughter and joy and that could be reminiscent of something special in your childhood. Maybe even something you’ve never got to do as a child but always wish you had. These vibrations are true healing. This message is a sign that you are very close to being victorious in your venture/relationship and that you should not stray away but you should also remember to laugh and love a little bit more. When we are experiencing moments of bliss and joy from a true place with the us that is when blessings are allowed to be beautifully bountiful. I love you.


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