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Dear Babes: Earth connection | Ancestral Grounding

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Dear babes,
 Take some time today to ground yourself outside. Remember that the color brown grounds. Brown and green are our color connections to this earth we inhabit. I was having a discussion with my partner the other day about how we as humans are literal extensions of the earth. Before shoes became a thing we had an actual physical connection to mama earth and the vibrational pull that radiates from her. Our feet we’re bare and acted as energetic receptors for the earths energetic flow to pour through our physical being through the bottoms of the feet. We are literal extensions like limbs of the earth. We used to operate on a much higher frequency than we do now. With the addition of toxic media, religious structures, gender policing and Colonialistic structures we have been conditioned to never or barely acknowledge or  pay attention to the powerful elemental forces that exists around us. We call it nature. Also known as earth, air, fire and water. I wish so desperately for all of us to reclaim our connection to the outside world. Quick access to information and technology has truly made us lazy and complacent. I truly believe that finding the connection our ancestors had to this earth is vital for our continuous growth on the planet. We are the earths plants and need special care to operate at our fullest potential. It’s time to take what is our back from the hands that have created specially designed structures to keep us vibrating at such low frequencies.

When we pass on from this body we leave behind a energetic phantom very much like how the human body feels a phantom limb when they would lose an appendage. Ghosts are our phantom limbs. It’s like that energy you feel when a loved one has passed on but you still feel the spirit in this realm around you. Those are our phantoms. So to honor that ancestral connection that has been forced out of us by wearing shoes, today take some time to walk outside barefoot if you are able to. Or put your hands inside of some dirt and just try to feel the literal vibration that comes from it. Purchase a new plant friend or go visit a nursery where you can visit some plant life. Many home-improvement stores have beautiful plant sections so you can just enjoy without having to purchase anything. I often do this when I am tight on cash and need to connect with different plant ancestors. Do something this week that connects you to the earth. Remember there are ways that our ancestors existed in that have been long beat and forced out of us and our psyche. These ways currently and have always lived within our genetic makeup and are accessed through true connection with ones self. We control the power to remove these social mind programs that force us to forget the ways that once were. I believe in you and your right and ability to reclaim your connection to this earth. I love you.
Con Safos,
Natali / DigitalWitch 
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