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August 13th 2018 | Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

6 OF PENTACLES Ancient knowledge Inner Awareness Oracle Cards Oracle Deck Reflection Rider Waite Tarot universal wisdom oracle

Collaboration community reading by 
@angelomalforms & @firmearte
2 Card Pull | Tarot = 6 Of Pentacles Reversed + Oracle = Meditation

Tarot = 6 OF PENTACLES // Reversed // By @angelomalforms 

Present prosperity threatened, gifts are given but as a bribe. This pull can cross and cover you, the basis of the matter stems from our past. What have been your influences and what is your opinion of them? Think what do I really want? not what others expect of me or expect to be socially excepted by all. Though really figure out the source of your problems. Remember numerology is in all things. 6 represents the Christ-force in nature the force driving evolution. Make some changes in yourself.

 Oracle = MEDITATION // by @firmearte // Reflection // Ancient knowledge Inner Awareness 
The six of pentacles above refers to inner reflection and the meditation card is here to back up that message. Today if you have the privilege to be able to take a few moments to yourself simply try to find a relatively quiet place and just take a few deep breath‘s. While taking those breaths remind yourself that you are alive and contain the ability to feel a multitude of sensations and emotions. Although our feelings lately may have been anxiety filled & possibly overwhelming due to the chaotic nature of the Stars we need to take time to ask ourselves what about this current situation we are in brings us these uncomfortable feelings. As stated above hella reflect on the statement “What do I REALLY want?” write that shit down in truth. Don’t bullshit yourself anymore babe. Write down your desires that resonate from a place of truth even if they seem “unrealistic”, worry about the details later just simply start speaking these desires into existence. You hold all the answers and aincent information within yourself and we have all been given the gift and ability to access that information simply by learning to be with alone ourselves. Meditation in any form is a powerful tool. Use it. You are a powerful force. I Love you.

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