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Help the bodega babes bounce back | GoFundMe campaign!

My name is Natali, owner and creator of Firme Arte. I am an indigenous, two-spirited/ trans artist and alchemist. Recently I have experienced some unforseeable events that have been devastating to the future of Firme Arte. We are attempting to raise funds to help take care of medical costs for myself and our two pets, Stevie and Jasper.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that causes chronic sharp pain and genuine discomfort. Learning to live through that pain has been extremely difficult, since as of now, there is no known cure. In the meantime, I have developed a serious case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists which has had a huge impact on how and when I am able to work. Creating products, Editing pictures and video, and even simply typing have made my hands flare up out of control.

My pets are my world, and it saddens me to say, that both Stevie and Jasper are in need of care I can not currently afford. Stevie has been diagnosed with IVDD, a spinal condition in which she must be looked after with special care and given expensive supplements. Jasper has been diagnosed with a Hyperthyroidism, in which he also needs to be cared after with a special diet and expensive medicine and treatment.

My goal is to get myself and Stevie and Jasper all back to good health so we can continue to offer our community the same level of love and guidance that they have come to expect from Firme. I am dedicated to the task of changing this world for the better by using magick, ancestral practices, alchemy and the tools of decolonization. I believe I have been given my gifts and the experience of the traumas that I have faced in order to help others on this planet never have to hide parts of themselves in order to exist. I want to continue to use my platform and my crafts to inspire others to live unapologetically and to find the strength to deprogram themselves from the social, sexual, economic and religious structures that have all been created to enslave us in a mundane and lackluster experience rooted in evil. I live in Sacramento, California, which is a very special and beautiful place, which unfortunately in my area doesn’t yet have the best public transit. Dealing with my chronic pain conditions, as well as the pets' and the daily happenings with the bodega with no car is extremely difficult. There are numerous appointments I must juggle and having some form of personal transportation would be an absolute life-saver at this point.

Any support given, whether nice words, energy or monetary, would be incredibly appreciated. Getting my wrists looked at by professionals, and being able to afford medicine for my pets would absolutely turn things around. On top of that, a vehicle would enable us to ensure no appointment would ever be missed, and I would be able to expand my business all to make my small family self-sufficient. I appreciate you reading this and pray that you stay healthy, happy, and hydrated. I love you.

Con safos,



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