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Firme Arte Interview | Meet The Maker Series

Interview Meet The Maker

One of the babes in our community Melissa Gandarinho came through with this epic opportunity to be apart of her "Meet The Maker" blog series!

Some info on Melissa from her website
"Melissa Gandarinho is an eclectic and artistic photographer, a sincere music connoisseur, and an avid cruelty free skincare & beauty lover.
Melissa studied Communications & Media Arts, with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Photography at Pace University.
These days, Melissa spends her time helping and educating readers and viewers, on becoming and switching to being cruelty free. With a passion for writing, educating, and photography, her website has become a source for many. "

"When I get introduced to a new brand, there are things in particular I look for, in order for me to feel a connection with the brand. Obviously, being cruelty free and vegan are my priorities, but as I invest more and more time getting introduced to handmade and indie brands, I look for a connection. 

You might have already noticed that a good majority of the brands I feature have a serious personality when it comes to their branding. Thus, I'd love to finally be bringing you this Q&A with one of my favorite indie brands out there. It's not because of the products, but the branding, the spirituality, the authenticity, the connection!

Firme Arte is unlike any other brand out there, and I know that for many of you that follow me, once you read this interview, you'll be ready to support!" -Melissa Gandarinho


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