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Feb 26 + 27th | Community Oracle Reading | by @firmearte

community Community Reading community readings Guardian ORACLE Oracle Cards Oracle Deck Toni Carmine Salerno Universal Love Oracle

 GUARDIAN |  Interpretation by @firmearte 


Today’s Pull of the guardian card is definitely highlighting a personal relationship you have with an Angel/ancestor. Take some time to try and resonate with who that might be, a lot of you may already know in your heart who that is and today is a day to celebrate that person. If you have an altar space please set out a few small offerings as gratitude for their protection and communication as today they are most definitely present. This is a reminder that you have some powerful forces watching over you and that those signs, coincidences and synchronicities You’ve been experiencing lately are no doubt signs and dialogue from our spiritual team.

October + November shouldn’t be the only time we take to honor these very present and powerful forces, so take time to laugh, cry and speak aloud to the guardian that you’ve associated with this reading. Over the next two days celebrate them, yourself and a future filled with abundance and evolution. I love you.
Offerings of marigolds, white candles, water + salt are easy offerings. Also personal affects or favorite items from your loved one like food, candy, liquor, incense or music can also be added to any safe space you create. It can be as simple as one birthday candle on a plate with salt if that’s all you got or what resonates with you. You don’t have to over complicate or spend a shit ton of money to do any type of work or give offerings. Be creative and find things that resonate with the specific work that you’re doing with the specific moment that you are in. I love you.

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