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Feb 17th 2019 | Community Oracle Reading

2/17 | Community oracle reading | by @firmearte

Card pulled = GUARDIAN - I find it incredibly rad that we pulled this card today as I was doing my initial verbal mantra that I say before I pull a card I made sure to put emphasis on the guardian aspect in my verse multiple times.

The guardian card comes to us today to try and point our attentions to the synchronicity‘s in life. Repeating numbers, themes, Déjà vu, songs on the radio you were just thinking about, smells, signs and messages through tv and music, usually always preserved as mundane coincidence but are actually all forms of synchronicity &  are a dialect of language that the angels use to send us direct messages. Today we are focusing more on the angel guardian aspect and for those who believe in angels as a spiritual force will find their presents more potent in the next couple days. This card reminds us to try and pay tension to the signs and synchronicity‘s and to interpret them with great honor & love. It’s a powerful thing to know you are backed up by these unseen forces and taking the time to acknowledge them creates a greater bond to them and the multiversal creator spirit each time we do so. We’ve been speaking about the repetition in numbers the messages they bring through numerology a lot lately. Pay attention. There’s usually no real coincidence. The angels are heavily here my loves.
Offerings of incense smoke, clear quartz crystal, calendula petals  and fresh water can be given as gratitude for their presence. I love you.

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