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Feb 12th + 13th 2019 | Community Oracle Reading

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2/12 + 2/13  Community oracle reading | by @firmearte


This card comes to us today as a reminder that we are being recognized for the work that we have been doing. And don’t be too hard on yourself and say that just because there isn’t a lot of physical activity happening that there isn’t a lot of work going down because lots of the work spirit is acknowledging here for us is totally internal and mental and has to do with our inner behaviors and patterns that we wish to fix or understand better. This card tells us that we must have continued trust and belief that our ancestral and spiritual team is Hella looking out for us. We must continue to persevere through these evolutionary stages to help us ultimately manifest those things we so desperately wish to work trough. This card is a blessing and brings with it a great sense of excitement as we dawn near our manifestation goals. Keep going. We’re almost there on some of these more specific milestones. Remember babe, You are talented, beautiful, and completely worthy all of the blessings you receive in this and all lifetimes. I love you ✨💕

Deck used : Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild

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