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Community Reading: Full Moon In Scorpio 4/29/2018

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Oracle card deck universal wisdom oracle By: Toni Carmine Salerno
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For our full moon in Scorpio reading two cards came to the forefront flipped out of the deck upside down and made themselves very known.

I called upon the powerful and pleasurable energies of Scorpio to come to the forefront for this reading. This is a general advice and message reading from the divine forces that exist around us.

The first card that popped out was the Luna card ironically, when this card appears it is a bold statement from the universe that you are being listened to. In this reading it has showed itself as a powerful sign that today of all days our desires and wishes are being heard. It’s obvious message is bold, our grandmother moon is listening.

The second card that appeared is the music of the spheres card. This card is no coincidence that it has been paired up with the luna card in today’s reading.

Music of the spheres has shown up today too loudly state it’s message that the emotional, physical and spiritual progress that you have been making in this life is being acknowledged. In this moment take a second to pay attention to your breathing. You are a divine conscious creature and having a human experience. Your existence is a gift to this planet. I know that times me in the recent past have been so gnarly and hectic and you have felt as if this darkness could not be penetrated but this reading is here to claim your independence from the emotional void that has been plaguing you.

Let us use Music in these moments to help us access the vibrational ancestral wisdom that can only be encountered through the medium of music and sound. Music is a way for us to tune in to the ancient truths that live within our molecular structure. We must honor the body with dance and by filling ourselves up with joy. You wholeheartedly deserve moments of pleasure. Take time to write down the things that stream through you while you are enjoying some of your favorite bangers.

Dance, sing, make love, masturbate, head bang and celebrate your existence. once you feel specific thoughts really resonate with you go and write them down, using your words in writing 
tonight is a powerful way to manifest the things that you want. After you finish writing your stream of consciousness down safely burn them if you are able to or keep them in your book of shadows or journal for safe keeping & reflection. Magick can be just a simple as writing things down. Tonight is about pleasure, find comfort in yours. I wish you many moments of progressive movement.

So enjoy your fucking self & I hope that you take some time today to incorporate music into your daily & epic rituals under this sensual & sexy Scorpio Moon.

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