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Community Reading: Birthday Babe Edition. May 8th 2018


Beautiful babes so I want to greet you with many blessings on this beautiful day. Today 27 years ago my younger siblings was brought into this realm. Today to celebrate we are doing a community reading & exercise for everyone. I wish you many moments of love and celebration this week as we bask in the energy that is Taurus. Now onto the reading... make sure to check out the birthday playlist post we have linked below so you can check out Hek's digital mixtape for the month of May!

It is for sure no coincidence that the two cards that we pulled both have to do with sitting the fuck down and tuning in to ourselves. It seems throughout the back-and-forth energy we have been feeling these last couple months we have become acquired a few energetic blockages within our meat suit. When are vibrations become blocked Or become stagnant it causes a true build up of energy within us that can lead to discomfort physically and spiritually. Healing sounds shows itself to us today side-by-side with transience To wake us up to the fact that we could be facing a very serious energetic blockage collectively. Today we are asking you to sit down for a brief moment if you have the privilege to and just become aware of your breathing. Take a moment to find a crystal companion that resonates with you. I have pulled a card for my crystal oracle deck to see which mineral specimen would be best for this type of exercise and to our surprise the universal quartz crystal was Chosen. Clear quartz is a incredibly easy stone to acquire and is also a stone that can be incredibly interchangeable when it comes to energy work. It is the universal stone for healing work. It contains an incredibly powerful Vibration that when used correctly can allow us to shift and access these blockages within our vessel. Hold the Crystal in the palm of your hands while doing a few deep breathing exercises. Ask you Crystal to work with you in the ways you desire. Be very vocal with the elements you use in your meditations and workings. Speak things into existence. 

“I am grateful for the energy that radiates from the stone I have chosen. May The vibrations of clear quartz radiate through me and allow me the ability to rearrange the energies with in myself creating a clean slate down my energy centers. May these centers be radiant in their recovery.“ 

When sitting with your stone Try and visualize these energy centers on your body. Visualize the boldness that radiates from their color. Honor each ones specific energy as you visualize each color.  When you are finished write down your findings.

How did it make you feel? Which energy center or color give you the most trouble? Were you able to physically visualize each one? Which center was the easiest to unlock?

Energy centers in the body
  1. Root – base of spine – red
  2. Sacral – below navel – Orange
  3. Solar plexus – above the navel - yellow
  4. Heart - center of chest – green & pink
  5. Throat – light blue
  6. Third eye – four head – indigo
  7. Crown – top of the head – Violet & white light


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