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Community reading + exercise | weekend edition June 9th & 10th 2018

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Hey babes here is your community reading for the weekend of June 9th & 10th 2018.

The universe card has presented itself today as a reminder that time simply is an illusion. If you take a moment this weekend to simply sit in silence, reflect &  try and time travel back to the days of the ancients. All answers you seek are stored within the molecular structure of the body you inhabit. Your mind is a tool for great escape and reflection. Know that you are part of the universe as you are made up of the same materials as the stars. You are connected to a vast amount of ancestral elemental forces and you are apart of the human hive mind that we all contribute to. We as humans have the power to channel the energies of the four directions and restore our vibration to our vessel. Today pick one of the elements you want to honor (of course with respect to the others. Earth, air, fire and water) one of those elements should be your companion this weekend. Or fuck it, take time to honor all 4 but to start small for comfort just chose one and allow yourself time with that sacred element.

EARTH: take a walk to your favorite park or outdoor space and sit with the grass with your bare feet on the ground. Or if you do not have access to that and you do have some potting soil or some dirt simply place your hands inside of it and feel it’s vibration. You are literally touching earth. Write down how it makes you feel. Take time to physically speak to the earth. Thank mama earth for allowing you to exist and evolve with her and for her beauty that often is overlooked by the muggles of this world. Hold gratitude in your heart for your gift of existing on this planet in any capacity. 

: sit outside and listen to the wind. Watch as it makes the trees bend and shift. You are simply watching a powerful unseen force move matter in front of your eyes. If you sit with the wind and the trees allow messages to flow through. Take time and write down what you hear. No matter how strange or bizarre and even if the messages don’t make sense just write it down. You would be pleasantly surprised how sometimes these messages later on in our lives will come to fruition.

Time to maybe have a bonfire or grab a couple of your favorite candles and take time with the element of fire today. If you were lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home that can also be a way to communicate with this powerful element. Sit with your candle or flame in a safe space and maybe add some of your favorite tunes and watch the flames as it burns in its glory. What do you see within it? What feelings does the flame awaken within you? Write this down.

Time to honor the sacred energy of the water Spirit by allowing your body moments of rehydration. When grabbing water to drink always make sure to literally speak your prayers or intentions into the water. Water is an incredibly magical substance and it contains the ability to literally shift and become programmed by the vibrations and words we push into it. Maybe go visit the river or ocean if you are able to and just sit with your feet in the water, basking in the beauty and power that is the tide. A self-care bath is also a easy way to connect with the element of water during this time. Speak to the spirit of water let it know your intentions, let it know your fears, let it know your desires to shift your reality. Write down your feelings during this exercise.

I LOVE YOU! Enjoy your weekend babe!

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