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Dear babes: Plants & Human Connection | Reality Shifts & Self Care

Dear babes,
I’ve started thinking about ourselves as plants a lot lately. In order to have a plant grow successfully it needs to have the proper conditions to keep it healthy and to allow it to thrive, right? You have to water it, you have to make sure it gets access to some epic sunlight, you should even take time to speak to it and learn about its lineage and the things that make it happy like what kind of soil it likes or what atmosphere is proper for its progression. Most of all make sure the overall environment that it spends its time in is suitable for it’s specific growth.

If plants are extensions of the earth and you and I as human beings at one point we’re naturally barefoot and considered ourselves flesh extensions of the earth why wouldn’t we also consider ourselves as delicate and intricate as the plants we tend to? Ever notice how the veins in plants mimic the veins in our body?  We should start operating from a place where we treat ourselves differently. Start understanding that the environments that we occupy can be toxic and the lack of certain necessary elements can be detrimental to our overall physical and emotional growth. If we wouldn't house our plant friends in unsuitable environments then why are we allowing ourselves to exist in toxic spaces? (work, home, stale vapid friendships, social groups, relationships, sexual partners & lovers)

Now I understand that not everyone has the ability to physically change their realities based on the way this society or "The man" has created structures of systematic struggle for us to lose our true selves in. What Im saying is it is a POWERFUL thing to even tune your attention and consciousness to the ways in which you need and desire change. Those systems are designed to create a sense of fake comfort in us so we never question the nature of our reality or the nature of the ways in which we care for ourselves including what we allow ourselves to be put through by others. These systematic structures want us operating at the bare minimum as far as energetic vibration is concerned. The more sense of fake comfort you feel the less likely you are to do shit about your current state. So many of us are simply not surrounded by sources that allow us alternative ways of thinking. It's not your fault at all. This shit is scary stuff to realize and to process in ones body. This simple awareness of your reality is a true radical act of expression. You are worthy of change.

On hydration: We need water to live and If your privileged enough to be able to have access to clean water at any time please take advantage of it. Start looking at that as a blessing. Show gratitude everyday for the fact that you have this ability to access the water spirit everyday. The creator has blessed you with the ability to hydrate yourself whenever needed. Speak words of intent and prayers into your water before consumption (as simple as saying a few key words "LOVE" "HEALING" "EVOLUTION" or speak to as if its a friend) Water has the ability to change its structure based on the intent that is programmed into it.
Dr Masaru Emotos scientific experiments with water have proven that the conscious thought, subconscious thought, feelings and emotions have a direct effect on the physical world.

We also need Community and conversation to keep us going. Whether that community is a small group of friends or just a homie we need to keep our spirits fed by engaging in conversations with other human beings on this planet. And I’m not talking about daily mundane small talk but true conversation that feeds the soul about things that fire you up and inspire you creatively, politically, sexually, radically and esoterically.

I know babe, This post is all over the place but I just want you all to take some time to start rethinking some of your strategies for existence.
  • What ways can you improve on? 
  • What things | Situations or Relationships are holding you back? 
  • What situations or environments feel toxic or uncomfortable? 
  • Then what are the steps I can take to slowly ease myself into new ways of caring for myself?
Allow space and room for the uncomfortable feelings that may come up while trying to access these type of information within yourself. The uncomfortable is all a part of the healing process. We would not be able to bask in the bliss that is transformation if it isn't for the ugly. We have to be brave enough to face the depths of our shadowselves on why we allow ourselves to become victim to such soul sucking situations. There are some depths of the self that are truly terrifying to penetrate. Just know that you are strong and brave enough to start facing them when the time is right. Do not let this discomfort consume you, simply allow space for it, honor it as experience and then back it up with "now what can I realistically do about it?"  Grab a notebook and just start writing down ideas. Then make a list of the things you want to change on all aspects of your life and possible ways to achieve those outcomes no matter how unrealistic they may seem. Write it all down babe. Pair this with a candle and use the flame to burn those plans into existence. As that your intentions and desires be heard and may the ones most beneficial to your growth be allowed to flow to you safely, swiftly and with ease.

I’m telling you babes magick and ritual can be as simple as writing a list of the things you’d like to manifest. As long as you put your intent and desire into those things you write down the magick is set. Also make sure to honor the spirit, ancestral and elemental forces you have backing you up.

I love you, thank you to anybody who is brave enough to try this writing exercise and to anyone who took the time to read this.

I absolutely believe in you and I thank you so much for being a part of this community. I love you I love you I love you.


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