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April 9th 2019 | Community Tarot Reading | by @firmearte

4/9 Community reading | by @FirmeArte
Six of pentacles shows up in correlation with the last two days of pulls that have all spoken of opportunity and tuning into a decision that needs to be made regarding success, business and creativity. The six of pentacles is a prosperous card that cements the spiritual work we’ve been doing through the last few days bringing forth the notion that our wealth whether physical or emotional should be shared with others. Community at this time is very important. A prosperous loan of paper & knowledge is heading your way and now is not the time to be shy about taking this help or being a source of help for another. Make sure you cast protection over your new paths and opportunities. Remember karma is a true force and what you project will come back to you so some generosity at this time is much needed and appreciated. Spirit is heavily surrounding us today.
Offerings for the last few days of messages is encouraged, simple offering can be a glass of water with table salt in it or around it in a circle can be placed your safe space/altar.

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