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Feb 6th 2019 | Community Oracle Reading

 2/6 Community Oracle Reading by @FirmeArte
The inner child card comes to us today as a gentle reminder that no matter how hard and this life has made us still living inside of us is this in a child’s. That never goes away. Sometime so we can walk away that part of ourselves for an immense amount of time due to the Mundane and stressful parts of growing up. Today try and find a moment to hold space for that energy inside you. As an exercise I would like for you to find a movie, cartoon, game, hobby or activity that resonates with something you enjoyed as an adolescent. Enjoy some time outside playing at a local park or in a family game night.
To honor the child like spirit offerings of fresh water, pink, purple or light blue candles along with candy and sweets can be offered up and placed on your altar or safe space. These offerings are received as an invitation to interact with playfulness and a full heart along with healing of emotional wounds tied to childhood. Candles can be dressed with  olive oil, sugar, + bright colored glitters.

❣️BONUS POINTS: Name 3 things you enjoyed as a child in the comments below. They can be physical items, entertainment , like movies books or television or even specific memories.

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