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August 9th 2018 | Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

August 9th, 2018 

Collaboration community reading by @angelomalforms & @FirmeArte 
2 card pull | Tarot = 8 of Wands + Oracle = Butterfly Wings 

 Tarot //  8 OF WANDS (REVERSED) // @angelomalforms
Delay and stagnation in business or affairs of the heart arrows of jealousy. 8 of wands reversed is one of the perfect opportunities to step back and analyze the situation including yourself not just the individual but the mask and personalities you have been displaying. A stagnate feeling of things can make most want to move on and try something 'new' though how about trying a new approach? Try and find what you can do maybe a simple conversation of your feelings of things becoming stale? It will bring out momentum and formulate progression. 8 is a number of evolution, instead of using the same method of ditching a undesirable situation. Create something new with the old.

Oracle // Butterly Wings // TRANSFORMATION // POSITIVE PROGRESSION // AWARENESS // by @firmearte 
The butterfly spirit has come forward to remind you of the hard work and natural progression you are making, you my dear are a bountiful & beautiful creature awaiting its emergence, this card is a symbol of that reality being on the horizon as you’ve been putting in work that is being recognized at this time. The next few months hold a serious bundle of blessings. Are you ready for them? Are you receptive to the gifts being sent your way? Babe, We will emerge abundant, vibrant & victorious from the mundane simulation of society. The days filled with chaotic normality are numbered. A shift is coming. Counter any stake or stagnant feelings with trying something new / a new approach to what’s fucking you up, use the wisdom from the 8 of wands above to Keep going. You are recognized by the multiverse & spirit.

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Tarot Deck : Vintage Rider Waite 
Oracle Deck : Universal Wisdom Oracle Deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

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