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@BrujoBehindBars | Spell Service | Tarot Readings

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@@BrujoBehindBars Angelo Malforms is a brujo, artist, musician, writer & student of the occult. They have been a content creator for @firmearte for a long time & have been offering community readings for free to our community for the past 3 years. They have been innocently incarcerated for almost 16 years from the time they were 16 years old. Now with new changes in Eliminating & reversing the barbaric law that was responsible for their conviction as an innocent child We are working tirelessly to bring justice to reign & see our chance for his freedom to happen in 2021. 

As a way to support themselves & their future inside a prison as an immune compromised person during Covid they are offering in depth tarot readings to support their need for sealed safe packaged foods.

⚠️Each reading will be handwritten & illustrated with a detailed tarot report from Angelo who is very skilled at divination arts.

All funds from these readings will go to Angelo & allow them access to safe sealed foods, hygiene, disinfectant and the ability to stay in contact with his family through calls & emails. Thank you to all who feel drawn to these readings! Many blessings!

You can decide to ask a specific question for the reading or you can leave the reading up to spirit and allow it to be a general reading allowing whatever advice or message spirit needs you to hear most at that time.

⚠️please provide all the information in a email sent brujobehindbars@gmail.com

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