Spell Candles | Taper | Mystic Mamas | Divination Initiation
Spell Candles | Taper | Mystic Mamas | Divination Initiation

Spell Candles | Taper | Mystic Mamas | Divination Initiation

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The ancestral elements in this candle allow space for safe exploration into the deep mind and the connection to our guides in other realms, creating a vibration that allows the accessing of ancient data. Allowing us to find center within any space we create where divination or quest work is being held, making this a perfect companion for tarot or oracle workings

Which cosmic crystal companion will you be connected with?

Infused with a lunar charged crystal companion that can be carefully removed after your candle has burned down and used as a totem to represent the spell work you have completed.

These candles burn a bit intensely and need to be supervised as the candles contain offerings embedded within them that burn very hot and are crafted that as a powerful way to offer up the offerings they contain (herbs, crystal dusts & oils) through the element of fire. So never leave these unattended and burn them on a plate or special candle holder.

These are excellent for honey jar feeding & As offerings to your spirits & deities as they are a fully crafted spell candle. They contain all the elements for traditional Magick within them. 

You will receive one handcrafted taper candle. Candles measure approximately 7 inches tall.

These candles are unscented.