Nuevo Santos Candle | Sacred Heart Of Frida Kahlo

Nuevo Santos Candle | Sacred Heart Of Frida Kahlo

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Los Nuevo Santos is a collection of original artwork designs created in 2011 by Firme Arte.

I am not sure why we are on this planet babes, but what I do know is that we have been truly blessed by some incredible spirit energies that existed in the babes showcased in this collection of designs. I think it is such a mystery why these creatives were only allowed to exist on this planet for the short times that they did. Truly a mystery and nevertheless I am grateful to each one of them for their powerful contribution to art, music, activism, culture, performance and the overall grand collective unconscious energy that exists all around us.

Each one is handcrafted with unscented wax and dressed with herbs, oils and crystals all corresponding with honoring the specific energies of each candle.

Frida Kahlo has been a solid form of inspiration throughout my existence. I have a tattoo on my right arm dedicated to this babe. I know that their life has touched many human beings on this planet through the powerful artwork and legacy they have left behind. Her ability to channel sorrow and sadness into such powerfully striking artwork was truly a gift and something I resonated with from a very young age. I find so much comfort in knowing that her spirit lives on and is an ancestral vibrational source for strength, art, queerness, radicalness, love and culture.

This candle is adorned with a botanical blend crafted to draw in the energies of creativity, love, passion and art. Marigolds and roses fill this candle with vibrant vibrations of beauty and real gold leaf is added to increase the candles overall energetic output. 
8 inch unscented white wax candle | Professionally printed on high grade paper.

This candle can also be burned without magical intent and is offered in a plain style.