Rose Of Jericho | The resurrection plant

Rose Of Jericho | The resurrection plant

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Also known as resurrection plant used for many things such as keeping negative vibes away to bless things or people,and welcome abundance and prosperity. 

Because of its name the resurrection plant this could be a very good plant magic ally for you to use when doing shadow work of shedding old habits and parts of yourself and resurrecting into a new evolved state of being.

Find a small container or dish that you would like to use and please water inside of it. After that place the dried Jericho rose in the water and over a short period of time the plant will start coming back to life. Make sure to change out the water frequently because it can mold and if you are using this to attract money and prosperity make sure to feed it coins and change as that helps amplify it’s output. 

you will receive one small  Rose of Jericho.