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High Pigment |  Makeup Minis
High Pigment |  Makeup Minis

High Pigment | Makeup Minis

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These are mini extreme pigmented chameleon colours.

PLEASE NOTE: these are a cream style highly pigmented make up used on face eyes and lips. These are mini versions because the extremely pigmented shadow rests on top of a layer of a petroleum jelly type substance. When you first open your shadow do not press down into this jelly layer or it will ruin the shadow. It will become too greasy if you break this layer so this type of extremely pigmented shadow is meant to be used in small portions because of how pigmented it is. Try to use only the top layer as the bottom layer is there to only provide moisture.

DISCOUNTED: This is a malfunction in the production of these because of the extreme heat wave we had here in Northern California that caused all of the wildfires so the colour was pulled to the top of the containers. They are still extremely pigmented and can be used to create A multitude of beautiful looks. So we are offering these at a discount and will be remaking them in a more cream style in the future.

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100% vegan and cruelty free