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Pillar Candles | Witches Working Candle | Mystic Mamas
Pillar Candles | Witches Working Candle | Mystic Mamas

Pillar Candles | Witches Working Candle | Mystic Mamas

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These are fully handcrafted large pillar candles made from unscented organic soy wax! These are paraffin free and sulfate free! They are handcrafted during ritual in very small batches over a few days.

This is our Mystic Mamas Divination Initiationl Formula in the form of a witches working candle which is used not to burn all at once but to use whenever you are creating magick, casting spells, making spell bags and charms, studying or just needing to amplify the energies of spiritual connection, divination, and working with opening up the 3rd Ojo (eye) 

These have been crafted with a traditional botanical formula along with our Mystic Mamas crystal and botanical oil and each has been hand poured and dipped over a ritual session of 3 days then charged on our main altar. These are great magical companions for anyone who wants to have a dedicated candle for money magick workings.  


Mystic Mamas formula - The ancestral elements in this candle allow space for safe exploration into the deep mind and the connection to our guides in other realms, creating a vibration that allows the accessing of ancient data. Allowing us to find center within any space we create where divination or quest work is being held, making this a perfect companion for tarot or oracle workings. The crystal compilation in this candles formula is designed to the amplification of intuition and divination along with success with magical desires and workings and above all protective and grounding energies and elements for when the veil thins while witches work. 

 These contain a beautiful raw amethyst, clear Quartz, black tourmaline, and tigers eye crystal companions along with a skull charm to represent Santa muerte and the ancestors. You can remove these charms and crystals as a totem for the spell work you have completed.

 CLEAR QUARTZ - CLARIFICATION | AMPLIFICATION | PROGRAMMING | EXPANDING | INTELLIGENCE | MEDITATION - Quartz is the supreme stone of information processing, amplification, programming, and subtle energetic exploration.  What a gorgeous being to support you engaging the mysteries of human life, soul exploration, nature’s technologic potentials, and wherever you are led with the clear mystery of this beautiful art Earth shares with us.

This stone protects against psychic attacks / ill wishing and negative energies of all kinds. It connects with the base chakra grounding spiritual energy and increasing physical vitality dispersing tension and stress clearing out negative energies. It is a shield against psychic and energetic vampires & It promotes a laid back attitude and calming energies. It also clears and balances all of the chakras and forms a protective shield around the body. for ages tourmaline has been known as a shamanic stone that brings protection during ritual and is known to be an excellent comrade for battling the anxieties of being a empathic or hella sensitive person. This is a great ally for the empathic babe. 

GOLDEN TIGERS EYE -  SUN | FIRE | COURAGE | LUCK | MONEY | DIVINATION | PROTECTION | PAST LIFE WORK | HEX BREAKER | STRENGTH | POWER - These beautiful stones are excellent companions for drawing in fast cash and in the areas of finance. They have been known to promote the energies of protection from ill wishing and hexes that have been thrown at you and yours. A valiant warrior against esoteric chaos and self doubt. this crystal companion radiates confidence and can be used to empower oneself to manifest out of old habits and patterns that have been holding us back. Empowered by the element Fire and corresponds with the suns planetary energy.

You will receive one handcrafted candle with stone and shell adornments.