@BrujoBehindBars | Oracle Energy Paintings
@BrujoBehindBars | Oracle Energy Paintings
@BrujoBehindBars | Oracle Energy Paintings
@BrujoBehindBars | Oracle Energy Paintings

@BrujoBehindBars | Oracle Energy Paintings

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Angelo Malforms is now offering Custom Oracle Energy Paintings! Angelo is a skilled artist and through his almost 16 years in prison has developed a gift for translating someone’s energy through portraits on canvas. They have a very powerful gift to access different realms of reality when they paint & teaching themselves how to paint inside prison has been a way for them to begin to heal. These paintings are highly charged with magical energy and after they are complete they become a conduit for magick. These portraits can be of yourself or a loved one, they can also paint your pet familiars. 

Each painting will arrive alongside a handwritten description of the spiritual intentions in the painting. Consider it a mini spell report!

These custom paintings will be approximately 9 x 12“ created with both acrylic and homemade paints on non traditional canvas.  


  • 1 face (human or animal) $75
  • 2 faces (human or animal) $100 

About : @angelomalforms is a brujo, artist, musician, writer & student of the occult. They have been a content creator for @firmearte for a long time & have been offering community readings for free to our community for the past 3 years. They have been innocently incarcerated for almost 16 years from the time they were 16 years old. Now with new changes in Eliminating & reversing the barbaric law that was responsible for their conviction as a innocent child We are working tirelessly to bring justice to reign & see our chance for his freedom to happen in 2021.

As a way to support themselves & their future inside a prison as an immune compromised person during Covid they are offering there paintings.

to support their need for sealed safe packaged foods.

All funds from these paintings will go to Angelo & allow them access to safe sealed foods, hygiene, disinfectant and the ability to stay in contact with his family through calls & emails. Thank you to all who feel drawn to get a paintin! Many blessings!

⚠️please provide all the information requested below in a email sent brujobehindbars@gmail.com

  • Order Number 
  • Full Name
  • Pronouns 
  • Send 1-3 images of yourself for the portrait.
  • any specifics you’d like it to include. (Symbols, words, dates)

 Please allow up to 3 weeks for your painting to arrive. You will receive a shipping confirmation & tracking number once your order is ready to ship.