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Occult Ooze | Spell Slime | Late 80s Seattle Witch
Occult Ooze | Spell Slime | Late 80s Seattle Witch
Occult Ooze | Spell Slime | Late 80s Seattle Witch

Occult Ooze | Spell Slime | Late 80s Seattle Witch

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SCENT: LUSH PINE FOREST + FRESHLY RAINED EARTH (contains essential oils of rosemary & pine) 
This formula is inspired by the incredibly intoxicating foliage that resides within the Pacific Northwest and the incredible music scene that sprouted from it in the late 80s that ultimately led into the 90s “grunge“ phenomenon. formulated to enhance the energies of creativity and inspiration. The slime itself contains muse like  properties. The energies of the earth are amplified by the addition of grounding essential oils such as pine and cedar wood along with the inclusion of red rocks from the earth. This formulas elemental ruler is the earth which can be channeled for grounding and prosperity workings. Infused with a crystal elixir of pyrite. 
(Please note this formula does not contain actual physical crystals or herbs but the an essence elixir that contains their essences and or essential oils)  
You will receive one 8oz container with Spell Slime

We created these spell slime formulas as a tool for Neurodivergent & witchy people and those who are a combination of both!

Now please understand that you don’t have to be a practicing witch/Bruj@ at all to use our spell slimes. They could be used as a simple tool for entertainment and distraction without magick but my intention here is that we are using slime as a medium for manifestation. We created  these formulas as witches who are also on the Neurodivergent spectrum and these spell slimes are ways for others like us to harness the power that is hyper focus & fixation. When we interact with a “fidget” tool like slime we tend to use it as a way to escape, find center, release anxiety and just tune in which can be hard for many of us who are highly energetically sensitive. During the hyper focus and attention a tool like spell slime requires is usually when our best downloads of information come through, when we can slow down, focus and tune into an idea & intention.

We can feel the energy from our hands as we work with slime, using our portals of energy to infuse anything we touch with our deepest desires and intentions.

Our spell slimes are fully loaded vessels for your magical intentions. We have taken our classic magical formulas that combine botanical, crystal, Lunar, color, scent, number & music magicks from our witchy shop @firmearte (established in 2011) and put them through a new medium which are these spell slimes we have created for our community!

Occult Ooze Spell Slime is an alchemically concocted medium for intention, focus and manifestation. 

Please note that all of our formulas are activated with a solution that contains borax powder. If you have an allergy to this powder please do not purchase! We also use cosmetic grade ingredients, essential oils and fragrance oils that are skin safe & phthalate free.

Slime is not edible! Do not eat slime! None of our spell slime formulas are created for consumption.

All orders come with spell slime activator powder for you to create a solution for your slime care and upkeep. Because of the current hot weather in the United States we have tried our best to over activate each spell slime so that it arrives to you at the perfect texture.

If you receive your package and find that the slime is stickier than you would like then you would use our spell activator formula to help fix the texture of your slime to your liking.

If it is too activated / thick for your preference please leave covered container near a sunny window for a couple days to accelerate the melting process until it is the texture you prefer.