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Nail Worship | Manicure Ritual | The Bitches Of Eastwick

Nail Worship | Manicure Ritual | The Bitches Of Eastwick

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* This style will not be brought back as we have found that the cross charms on a few of the nails in the set are prone to falling off so these are discounted and will be discontinued after this batch is gone! Keep in mind that it’s only 4 nails in the set and there are plenty of other nails to make a beautiful set!

  • Style - Bitches Of Eastwick 
  • Shape - Square 
  • Finish - Matte

 You are about to embark on a most excellent nail worship self care ritual. You hold the power to manifest all you desire. Each gender neutral nail set is crafted to empower its owner and to be an amplifier for glamour and beauty magick. We are very excited to be releasing are nail worship Manicure Ritual press on nail sets! These were created with babes of all kinds in mind and include inclusive sizing making them a perfect fit for any babe!

Created for witches and shapeshifters by 2spirit queer indigenous alchemists.

We created this line of manicure Rituals to also change the narrative about having a fire set of nails during a pandemic and not having to risk your health or the health of others in the communities that you represent  just to go to the salon. No one should have to be put at risk just for a fresh set so we are bringing the salon home to you with a collection of witchy gothy styles! 

Each set is reusable and with proper application can be worn up to 7 to 12 days! 

Each kit contains a gender neutral nail set, nail file, cuticle pusher and nail glue.

All of our nail sets can be trimmed and filed down to satisfy any size or shape requirements.