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Current processing time for orders can take up to 10 to 14 business days! 🔮🧿
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Botanical Bundle | Califas White Sage | 4-5 inch

Botanical Bundle | Califas White Sage | 4-5 inch

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These white sage botanical bundles are crafted from Califas (california) White Sage. They each contain powerful metaphysical properties and have been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to rid self and space of negative/ evil/ stale/ stagnate/ residual energies. White sage contains the enrgies of Luck, cleansing & purification and is an excellent botanical ally for money & protection rituals.

This herb should be treated with respect when worked with. Smoke cleasning is an excellent way to tune you into the energies of plant magick and is recommended that you incorporate it into your daily/weekly self care/magick rituals.

Due to the mass cultivation of CA white sage it’s use is now more sacred than ever. Now is the time to work and interact with other types of botanicals ancestors such as Cedar for our magical needs and start treating White Sage with the upmost respect as the powerful sacred indigenous medicine that it is.
Cultural Appropriation is running rampant in the esoteric community and we have to start creating a dialogue for this type of behavior when it comes to working with Native/Indigenous Medicines.

Whenever using white sage make sure to only use small amounts of the plant at a time to show respect for the decline in this plants natural population. We now offer a variety of Herbal Wands crafted from plants that are excellent 

 4-5 inch Botanical wand + Detailed instructions

Sustainably sourced & grown in Northern Califas