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Ritual Oil | Mama Muerte | Santa Muerte

Ritual Oil | Mama Muerte | Santa Muerte

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Our botanical and crystal infused ritual oils magical concoctions that are crafted to help amplify the intent of any self-care or magical ritual. Each one is concocted during ritual in small mano made batches.

This Ritual oil has many uses: 
  • Use to bless/anoint yourself, objects around your safe space, altar, car, home or workspace by adding drops of it to doorknobs, windowsills, doorways, magickal tools etc
  • Add a few drops to your bath cauldron to amplify the energies of the water spirit during self care bath and shower rituals.
  • Use to dress and bless candles for candle magick rituals. 

Mama Muerte watches over the weirdos, the queers, the unconventional, and the gender gradient humans of this world. This is an all purpose devotional ritual oil is dedicated to the powerful vibrational force that radiates from this babe, and her beauty. Sacred Hopi tobacco and the energies of the earth are infused as offerings and as a way to protect and shield us from the fuckery of the outside world.

Contains Biodegradable Shimmer Stardust.
Infused with lunar charged & programmed crystals/minerals such as selenite, amethyst and calcite

Packaged in a 2oz BPA free reusable glass alchemy bottle with glass dropper