Keychain Bundle  | Protection | Leopard Print

Keychain Bundle | Protection | Leopard Print

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These handcrafted keychains honor the cat goddess Bast and we invoked her during this process of putting together these bundles to allow us to empower each keychain set for babes to use for protection magicks as they face the world outside. These keychains are not only decorative but are incredibly practical. Use to feel safe when in public. 

Keychain comes complete with:

-EXTRA LOUD Safety Alarm + LED flashlight 

-Window breaker (used to break glass in an emergency, the long purple wand)

-No touch Door Opener Multi-Tool/Bottle Opener/Stylus

-Furry Pom-Pom

- Chapstick/Lipstick Holder 

- Safety Whistle 

- Metal Bast Cat Goddess Protection Keychain

- Decorative Wrist Strap 

- Metal stash tube

Each keychain is blessed and charged with offerings given to Bast the cat goddess for safe passage through the world & protection.

You must be over 18 to purchase a bundle. Firme Arte & Bruja Babe Cosmetics Will not be responsible for the misuse of these products. No refunds or exchanges.