Brujx Box | Hella Sensitive | Empath Babe Gift Set


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Brujx Box | Hella Sensitive | Empath Babe Gift Set

As sensitive/empathic human beings on this planet we often pick up the stress, anger or sadness of others very easily causing us a great deal of anxiety, This Brujx Box calls upon botanical & crystal magic to cleanse, clear and calm the space you. Use these items when needing to create a barrier of protection from energy bloodsuckers /  vampires. This is a perfect gift set for that special sensitive babe.

This set includes:
All natural anti-anxiety crystal roll on oil blend that is created to ground and center. Crafted with nourishing grape seed oil
    x1 pack Brazilian Palo Santo | Holy Wood (3 sticks)
    " Palo santo is a wood found in brazil that has been known for its unbelievable cleansing and protection properties. It’s intoxicating aroma is excellent for grounding and calming stressful energies, making it an excellent ally for the anxious babe."

    x1 Hella Sensitive Anti-Anxiety Crystal infused nasal inhaler

    " This is an anti-anxiety nasal inhaler that is created 
    to instantly ground and center empathic / sensitive babes crafted with a grounding ritual oil blend"

    x1 Black Tourmaline Crystal 15g
    "Protects against psychic attacks / ill wishing, & negative energies of all kinds. It connects with grounding spiritual energy and increasing physical vitality. It disperses tension and stress which are attributes to negative energies. It promotes a calm, laid back attitude"

    x1 Small drawstring crystal keepsake bag with Firme Arte mantra
    "You Are A Powerful Wizard"

    x3 Empath Ease | Tea light spell candles
    Handcrafted parasoy wax candles crafted during ritual with intention. Exclusive to this gift set.

    x1 Code for our Hella Sensitive Digital Mixtape
    A compilation of sensitive tunes for the sensitive babe.

    x1 Hand painted keepsake box with original artwork label
    Reusable box to keep your witchy gear safe!

    x1 Firme Arte x @syanrose collab sticker

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