Dream Weaver (Dream Divination) Herbal Beverage Brew
Dream Weaver (Dream Divination) Herbal Beverage Brew

Dream Weaver (Dream Divination) Herbal Beverage Brew

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Herbal Beverage Brew = Drinkable All Natural Herbal Tea blends crafted with high quality ancestral botanical allies such as herbs, dried fruits and barks. All blended by hand and infused with real magical intent.

A worthy blend of botanicals crafted to allow the conscious mind to safely enter The dream worlds to seek for answers to the internal-self’s deepest questions.
 This blend invites you to take an internal journey through the cosmic mind and adventure through lucidness within the dream worlds.

Use before bed to induce restful sleep and the ability to safely navigate the dream worlds.

Packaged in a reusable 6oz BPS free glass jar | net weight 1.1oz

Ingredients: *jasmine | rose | mint | Mexican cinnamon  | mugwort

 *BABES! Please do your research before consuming any herbs to make sure they work for you. Firme Arte Online is not responsible for the misuse of our products. Our products and services are not a substitute for being evaluated by a doctor or holistic health practitioner. The information given has not been evaluated by the FDA but passed down through decades of ancestral practices/knowledge therefore, my products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure diseases. If you are pregnant and/or using medications, please consult your doctor or other health practitioner before ingesting.