Crystal Trees | Blue Lace Agate + Ametrine

Crystal Trees | Blue Lace Agate + Ametrine

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This tree is concocted from gems crafted from Ametrine ( a fiery blend of both amethyst and citrine crystals) wrapped with intention in copper wire and sits upon a beautiful Blue Lace Agate base.

We are so stoked and honored to be able to carry these incredibly beautiful and powerful crystal trees that are created from one of our good friends @KrystalRootsLLC.

Each copper wire wrapped tree contains a beautiful arrangement of real crystals with powerful magical and spiritual properties. The copper wire wrapping adds an element of amplification as copper itself is a huge amplifier of energy especially when using it in alchemy and spell work and most definitely when you combine it with crystals and minerals.

Another special aspect of us now carrying these beautiful pieces in our shop is that the money will go towards helping a fellow prisonwife! I am so grateful to have the friendship of this talented babe who has in the past gifted me one of these beautiful trees and I have to say it is one of my favorite prized possessions. This is our way to help her and her partner continue to hire their legal team for her husband! This is a great cause and we are truly honored to have her works in our shop!