Crystal | Facial Massager | Black Obsidian

Crystal | Facial Massager | Black Obsidian

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We are very excited to be releasing these black obsidian facial massager‘s. Each one has been blessed and charged energetically 

The crystals cooling soothing affect can help reduce puffiness and be a great companion for your face care rituals that you perform each day. Can be left in the freezer for a short amount of time before your ritual to add to the rollers anti inflammatory properties. Helps reduce stress while directly working with a powerful crystal ally. 

BLACK OBSIDIAN - SERIOUS SELF WORK | PROTECTION | ENERGETIC CORD CUTTING This stone is a very protective coating against psychic attacks and negative energies. It is used to cut energetic cords that can be attached to us, energetic cords can be a serious unseen issue that can be the cause of not being able to move on. Cutting these cords allow us to freely progressed in our self care Journey. Allowing these chords to stay attached to yourself is an easy way to become spiritually, emotionally and physically drained. It calls us on our bullshit and brings our faults to the surface to learn and heal from. Please do not be intimidated by the stone as once you to begin to work with it and get through those tough moments at the beginning it is an excellent protection totem. Let's just call this one more of an advanced Crystal for deep healing.