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Candy & Snacks | Crystal Rock Candy

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These beautiful crystal rock candies are definitely inducing some nostalgia. Anytime I would go on a field trip and there was a gift shop I would no doubt try to find these candies and snag one for the trip home. I’m very happy to have these stocked in our candy and snack section now!

These come in a variety of colors but generally have the same flavor. Color will be chosen at random. If multiple are ordered we will do our best to switch up the colors for you!

These are also great as sugar stirring sticks in your coffee or tea! 

4 1/2" sucker is on a 3" wooden stick.

*Pure cane sugar, less than 2% of the following - Natural and artificial flavors, F. D. & C. (Red 3, Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6) Caramel color, Titanium Dioxide