Candy & Snacks | Nerds Rope
Candy & Snacks | Nerds Rope
Candy & Snacks | Nerds Rope

Candy & Snacks | Nerds Rope

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NERDS are small and peculiarly shaped candy, yet lovably packed with taste. NERDS Rope creates yummy fun by coating a soft gummy rope with fruit flavored candy. With its sense-bending contrast of gummy and crunchy, NERDS Rope is a zany, color, texture and taste combination best defined as a candy celebration. It’s sweet and it’s chewy and crunchy, to boot.

  • Soft gummy rope covered with tiny, tangy crunchy candy
  • NERDS provide a delicious assortment of fruity flavors in a wide variety of vibrant colors
  • Bite it, chew it, twist it, pull it
  • No artificial flavors
  • Made in the USA
  • A variety of sweet fruity flavors
  • Tear and share!

This listing is for one 0.92oz sized Nerds Rope.

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