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Books | Soothslayer: A Magickal Fantasy

Books | Soothslayer: A Magickal Fantasy

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Discover the mysterious secrets of a young woman as she uses her psychic gifts to ensure freedom for the people of her land, in Soothslayer by D.J. Conway.

In The Dream Warrior, you met Corri Farblood as she grew from a girl to a young woman, fled disaster, went on a quest, and made powerful friends. In the end, Corri Farblood was found out to be the Dream Warrior of prophecy. She has learned that she was chosen by the great goddess Frayma to battle those who would enslave the free peoples of her land, Sar Akka.

In Soothslayer her tale continues, complete in itself. You'll learn that this woman with dazzling psychic gifts must battle against a mounting threat to her people. Now, she must stretch her powers to the limit. Will she become a legendary hero—or a deadly pawn of the dark forces?

Join Corri and her friends as they try to stop the religious fanatics of Frav before they invade her country, an invasion that might be led by her own father. How will she unmask the one called the "Soothsayer," whose dark powers are heralded by the same kind of prophecy which led her to discover that she was the Dream Warrior?

Finally, will Corri's courage and strength be great enough to protect her friends and the man she loves from their many enemies?

Continue with the adventures of Corri and her companions in the greatest quest ever, that of the Dream Warrior. For the best novel you'll read this or any season, get Soothslayer.