Books | Sydney Omarr's Astrological Guide to Love & Romance

Books | Sydney Omarr's Astrological Guide to Love & Romance

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"Learn to use the science of the planets and the stars to give guidance in all your personal relationships, with the help of Astrological Guide to Love and Romance by world-renowned astrologer and syndicated columnist, Sydney Omarr.

Omarr has helped thousands of people like you find true intimacy and compatibility, with this fun, straight-from-the-hip guide. Benefit from his expertise and shift your own love life into high gear, with the help of Astrological Guide to Love and Romance.

Are you wondering whether you could spark a fire with that mysterious Scorpio or witty Gemini you just met? You won't need to guess anymore. Astrological Guide to Love and Romance reveals each zodiac sign's character, with detailed chapters on love potential, sex drive, and compatibility with other signs.

In Astrological Guide to Love and Romance you'll discover:

·How to "read" anyone's sexual makeup and inner drives
·Major romantic dos and don'ts for each sign
·Your key strengths as a love partner
·Which signs will attract, excite, and satisfy you―including your ideal physical and emotional partners
·Learn how well a person of any sign of the zodiac makes an astrological romantic match with you

Omarr writes that, because of his unique position as one of the most published and publicized astrologers of our time, he ". . .can tell what concerns most people most of the time. It is not sex. It is love."

With Astrological Guide to Love and Romance in your hand, you can resolve your romantic concerns and take advantage of what the stars reveal to experience a lifetime of satisfying sex, perpetual passion, and heavenly happiness. If you need more love in your life, get Astrological Guide to Love and Romance."