Books | The anthropology of religion magic and witchcraft

Books | The anthropology of religion magic and witchcraft

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"This concise introductory textbook emphasizes the major concepts of anthropology in general and the anthropology of religion in particular, and is aimed at students encountering anthropology for the first time. Highlights of This Edition: Illustrates concepts with examples drawn from primarily tribal or traditional societies, along with examples from the ";world's great religions,"; exposing students to a wide range of cultures and religious traditions. Draws examples from societies of varying technological complexity, classic ethnographies, and everyday scenarios. Incorporates research from both classic and recent literature. Represents all major geographic regions, giving students a global view of the subject matter. Focuses on the varieties of religious expression cross-culturally, not on theory, although some theory is discussed. Discusses the basic nature and concepts of anthropology and carefully defines basic terms and concepts so that students get a good working knowledge of the discipline. Don't Miss This Special Value Pack Option: Research Navigatortrade; Research Navigatortrade; can be a student's best friend when they're facing a large research project. Especially helpful with the toughest challenge-getting started-Research Navigatortrade; offers a comprehensive, step-by-step walk-through of the research process, along with access to some of the most respected source databases available. "