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Selenite Wand | 5 inch

Selenite Wand | 5 inch

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These are 5 inch selenite wands, perfect for body work + crystal healing and for those who deal with chronic pain. This is something we personally use for our journey with chronic pain and to move and shift powerful energies throughout the body. 

Selenite is said to carry within itself all of the past. It is an ancient data bank of information and has powerful properties of alignment and healing. It has a connection to the angelic realm and can be used for healing rituals. It has a peaceful vibration that can be very grounding when meditated upon. It is said to increase telepathy & psychic abilities when heavily worked with. Often used for its properties of prosperity, use near your workspace to amplify the energies of money through creativity.

Empowered by the element of water and corresponds heavily with the moons planetary energy.

You will receive one 5 inch selenite wand with Crystal care instructions

*Please note that selenite is a softer stone and should not ever come in contact with the element of water as it will damage the stone.